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dialog isue


This is the dialogue of two people who called aji and rika the new meet and talk about rising fuel prices.
Rika     : Hy, how are you?
Aji       : hy….I’m fine and you?
Rika     : I’m fine thank you, if you've worked now?  where you work now?
Aji       :  not yet,I will be looking for a job in jakarta
Rika     : ohhh…. This good Idea..
Aji       : How about you rika?
Rika     : I had three years working in private companies in Bandung.
Aji       :  Oohh yaa? it's not a moment for me, but lately you know there will be no wear in fuel prices?
Rika     : ohh of course I know and I actually do not agree with these fuel price increases. because it will     affect other prices such as basic needs and others.
Aji       : yes i also agree with it, but we can not do anything about karen it was a government decision.
Rika     : we were left with a situation like this, plus another lot after another catastrophe
Aji       : yes i also agree. ..okay, maybe later we can continue our conversation later, I did not have much time right now because there are matters more today.
Rika     : okay okay, nice to meet  you!
Aji       : nice to meet you too.

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